Unlock your Cosmic Blueprint for better Relationships, empowered Mindset and soulful Fulfilment.



Aleni helped me to understand some of the deep seated issues I was experiencing in my relationships. Through our work together, I felt a deep change in how I showed up and could feel a deep acceptance for myself and of my partner. Game changer! Thank you Aleni. 


Thank you dear Aleni for the deeply profound soul Astrology journey you danced me through yesterday. It was evolutionary! With infinite gratitude love and blessings to you precious one.

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Your personalised Astrology deep dive to unlock your gifts, your soulful nature and potential for better relationships, empowered mindset and soulful fulfilment.

All Astrology Sessions Include:

PDF copy of your birth chart

Summary report of your Astrology chart

Audio recording of your online session

Choose your Session:


1. Astrology Birth Chart -

Tune into your Cosmic blueprint ( known as your Astrology birth chart and horoscope) for meeting your own needs, living your life with more purpose, fulfilling your potential and cultivating more meaningful relationships. 

2. Solar Return Chart -

Tune into your Solar Return chart for themes and cycles for the year ahead from one birthday to the next. (Requires a basic understanding of your Astrology birth chart).

3. Planetary Transits Chart - 

Tune into the current planetary transits happening now in relationship to your Astrology blueprint horoscope to get a better handle and understanding for the cycles, themes and urges that are being activated in your life. (Requires a basic understanding of your Astrology birth chart).

All appointments available online only.


Date of birth, accurate time of birth and place of birth are required for accurate consultations. 

Astro Soul Sessions

Hey, I'm Aleni

Your Practical Astrologer & Mindfulness Coach guiding you in The Lunar Sol Experience.


I work with spiritual seekers and dreamers who are ready to unite with their authenticity and share their heartfelt visions for better relationships, more joy and greater self confidence. 

Since 2014, I have guided hundreds of men and women using Astrology, NLP, Reiki and spiritual healing practices, kundalini yoga, mindfulness and meditation through workshops, classes and 1:1 coaching.

It is my absolute pleasure to work with you and delve into your Cosmic blueprint to help you embrace the light, radiance and potential with you!


Aleni xxx