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Hello. Im Aleni


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Hey! I'm Aleni. 

I’m a Sydney-based Astrologer & Coach who lives and works alongside my husband, Chris Lianos, and our fur baby Hope the toy cavoodle.

As a young girl, I would often get lost star gazing and meditating under the moon. I fell in love with the mystery and magic of the Cosmos and found myself intuitively drawn to delve deeper into the practice and study of Astrology. Learning this magical language has been life changing, as the symbols, omens and cycles of the Cosmos have given me so many additional tools to navigate life’s challenges, including how to better live with my chronic medical condition and ongoing health challenges with more confidence, trust and acceptance. It's also been one of my favourite things to share with my clients, especially seeing them drop more into their heart and soul purpose. 

For the last decade I've worked in the personal development space using Astrology, Energetics & Mindfulness as a Coach, Healer and Teacher and combine this with over 12 years in corporate as a Change & Training Manager. 


I work with ambitious individuals with a focus on career, that are soul-led, creative and ambitious ready to build a life they dream and love.


I’ve had the pleasure of working with individuals in bespoke 1:1 coaching, meditation healing circles, kundalini yoga classes, urban retreats and group programs infusing Astrology, Energetics and Mindset.


Together with my husband, Chris Lianos, we facilitate NLP certification training and mindset programs to master your mindset, lead an impactful life, and increase your abundance.

Im passionate about being a guide for ambitious soul led individuals who are at a crossroad, feeling stuck and unmotivated by their work who are ready for change to design their dream life and work sharing their unique gifts with the world making a positive difference!


My specialty is making the spiritual practices more relatable and actionable in daily life to increase your intuition, acceptance and self healing. I infuse mindset strategies, meditation and cosmic guidance to help you feel more connected, confident and aligned with your soul mission for living a more fulfilling, abundant and intentional life. 

If you would like to work with me click here to get in touch.


Aleni xox

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"Aleni's guides you with such energetic grace, gentleness, compassion and warmth, helping you to achieve clarity, support and a sense of surrender."

- Candice

"Aleni embodies true spirit, warmth and peace; she uses these qualities along with her intuition to guide you on a journey of self discovery."

- Marisa

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