A 6 week live online program channelling the Moon's essence for self nurture, inner calm, and soulful connections to embody your authentic nature and manifest your heart-centred intentions.​

I See You...

You're a dreamer (aka star and Moon gazer) with no shortage of empathy who's tired of trading your intuition with self doubt and are ready to transform your inner critic with a greater sense of certainty to reach your heartfelt desires, feel more inner peace and love your individuality (even if you feel like the black sheep in your family).  

You're a...

Heart Centred Leader who is ready to live life on your own terms with love, peace and flow.

Creative Soul who is ready to deepen connection, imagination and intuition.

Spiritual Warrior who is ready to manifest with spirit, clarity and intention.

If that sounds like you, you're in the right place and I'm going to share with you exactly how Live by the Moon will offer you the practical rituals and soulful insights to support you.

Imagine in 6 weeks;

You are totally in tune with your needs, soulful essence and authentic mission

You are equipped with practical rituals and manifest your heartfelt desires

You have clarity about what you instinctively need to nurture your thoughts, emotions and spirit

You have liberated yourself from self-doubt and indecision that drain you

You’ve learned to decode the wisdom of the Moon and feel connected with your inner ebb and flow

You have expanded your channel to connect with your creativity, imagination and potential

You’ve learned how to set clear boundaries to take care of your own needs, energy and mood

You trust your intuition and no longer listen to the inner critic 

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Candice, Speech Therapist

Working with Aleni is like being with your BFF - she just gets it, doesn’t judge and her heart simply sings. Every experience with Aleni is truly inspiring, illumination and uplifting.

Annie, Pallative Nurse 

Aleni uses all information that is appropriate to where one is going in the present time, with information from the past to help one break through barriers that have kept one stuck in pattens.

What others say...

Course Curriculum

6 weeks of soulful reflections, spiritual growth, practical magic, soulful community and a sacred space awaits you.

Week 1:

Unlocking the Moon Phases

Learn how to align with the waning and waxing cycles of life through the Moon and its 8 phases.

Week 2:

How you Meet your Needs - Moon Signs

Learn how the Moon embodies the 12 zodiac signs and connect with your inner needs.

Week 3:

Where you Express your Needs - Moon Houses

Learn how the Moon expresses through the 12 zodiac houses and where you seek to meet your needs.

Week 4:

Your Instinctual Desires - Lunar Phase

Discover how the 8 Lunar phases drive your instinctual urges, habitual patterns, sense of belonging, memories and soulful mission.

Week 5:

Where your Heart is Now - Progressed Moon

Understand the cyclic patterns which underpin the different stages of your life so you can understand, nurture and love your evolving nature.

Week 6:

Map your Pathway with the Moo

Plan out your next 12 months with the Moon's cycles for your power days to set your intentions, let go and manifest with confidence, alignment and flow.

What's included in the program
  • 6 Live Group Calls with Aleni held weekly

  • Delivered live over 6 weeks

  • Live by the Moon Workbook with activities

  • Link to replay of Live Group Calls

  • Live Q&A included each week

  • Calls recorded and sent to you for replay and catch up


  • *PDF personal Astrology Birth Chart

  • *PDF personal Progressed Astrology Chart

  • *Personalised Moon Report

  • Live Full Moon Meditation Call (27 February)

  • Live New Moon Meditation Call (13 March)

Bonuses Valued over $300

*Accurate birth time and birth details required for this bonus.

Meditation Calls will be recorded so if you can't attend live, you catch the replay.

6 Week Program Schedule

Week 1: Monday 22 February @7pm

             Bonus Virgo Full Moon Meditation

             Saturday, 27 February @9am

Week 2: Monday 1 March @7pm

Week 3: Monday 8 March @7pm

             Bonus Pisces New Moon Meditation

             Saturday, 13 March @9am

Week 4: Monday 15 March @7pm

Week 5: Monday 22 March @7pm

Week 6: Monday 29 March @7pm 

              Includes Libra Full Moon Meditation

Live Group Calls are scheduled to run for 90 minutes each week.

Bonus Meditation Call will be approximately 15 minutes.

All sessions are recorded and you will receive link to replay and catch up.

Ilan, Director

She meets you where you are on your journey, whether you are exploring energy work or seeking deep psychological healing. Aleni's vast array of modalities are carefully adapted to suit and this is an important feature of her service to ensure flow.

Katrina, Teacher

I have connected with Aleni for my astrology and it was nice touching base with her again. Her intuition, kind and caring nature and absolute expertise in her field is something that is hard to find. I recommend her guidance to anyone at any point in their life, not just in times of struggle or need."

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Hey, I'm Aleni

Your Practical Astrologer & Mindfulness Coach.


I work with spiritual seekers and dreamers who are ready to unite with their authenticity and share their heartfelt visions for better relationships, more joy and greater self confidence. 

As a young girl, I would often get lost star gazing and meditating under the moon. I fell in love with the mystery and magic of the Cosmos and found myself intuitively drawn to delve deeper into the practice and study of Astrology. Learning to understand the symbols, omens and language of the Cosmos gave me additional tools to navigate life’s challenges, including living with a chronic medical condition, to keep moving forward with understanding, grace, clarity, connection, meaning, confidence, love and trust. 

Since 2014, I have supported hundreds of men and women in workshops, classes and 1:1 coaching with soulful strategies, practical rituals and mindfulness tools to embody their authentic nature and navigate daily life with more inner calm, purpose and confidence. 


Aleni xxx

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't know anything about Astrology, will I be able to keep up?

Yes, this program has been created for all levels of experience, keeping it simple to follow, understand and apply for your own wellbeing. 

What if I can't make one of the scheduled live classes?

You can catch the replay and will have access to all the class recordings.

What if I don't know my accurate birth time, can I still get value from the program?

Yes, you can still get great value as you learn to personally work with the Moon through the signs, houses and phases. 

If you have further questions don't hesitate to click here and send me email. I will happily answer your questions.