A Lunar Month experience of soulful reflections, spiritual growth and rituals to embody the practical magic of the Moon for putting yourself first, having more fulfilling relationships, and calling in more abundance to manifest what you want (and become your own Moon Ceremony expert).



Live by the Moon

What past students say...

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Candice, Speech Therapist

“Aleni - Thankyou for introducing me to the magical world of Astrology! Aleni’s teaching method is excellent and her ability to share such complex knowledge is inspiring and in a way that truly resonated with me.


The course was delivered so flawlessly and all the material was structured brilliantly. I loved the mix of spirituality and practicality. This course is truly illuminating and there were so many a-ha moments - I have gained such a greater insight and understanding into the essence of me as a soul and personality and how the moon enriches my life!


Moving forward, I now know what and how to nurture my emotions each month to take care of my needs, restore my inner calm, navigate my life and manifest my desires. It’s definitely going to be a lifelong interest of mine.


Deepest gratitude from my cosmic heart to yours!"

Helene, Project Manager

“WOW what an experience! Aleni is incredibly intuitive....So many aha moments throughout this course! I now have a deeper understanding of myself, greater sense of awareness and am in a much better place to tune into my emotions and self to better navigate my life and manifest my dreams.


A beautiful experience for those wanting to really understand who they are and how to utilise their gifts for the next stages of their life journey. I’m still buzzing from the experience and my new found knowledge. Something I will continue to explore further.


Thank you for the life “level up”."

Temika, Spiritual Teacher

For the past few weeks I have been diving into my Astrological understandings through Live by the Moon with Aleni.


For anyone wishing to deepen understanding and relationship with yourself, Astrology and your innate connections to the Moon and with life itself, I highly recommend Aleni and this program when you are ready to get to know yourself at a deeper level and experience the channel and incredible space holder she is. A true gift!

My goodness I love you!!!! Thank you so deeply for holding space the way you do! You are true Creatress and natural wonder!! I am soo grateful for you! This program was amazing!

Judy, Life Coach & Yoga Teacher

Every week I looked forward to Live by the Moon with Aleni who imparted her knowledge of Astrology so naturally and in such an engaging and enjoyable way. Each of the weeks provided me with new and interesting information. The workbooks and charts that Aleni emailed each of us each week made the course easy to follow and personal. I feel like my connection to the moon has deepened. I’m also excited I’ll be able to re-listen to the class recordings at my leisure to grasp and apply all the information even more. The new & full moon meditations were really special. Thanks you xxx


Andrie, Scheduler

“I joined Live by the Moon as I have always been interested in doing new moon and full moon rituals and intentions but wasn't sure how to do them properly. 


Aleni's course was amazingly so much more in depth and taught me so much more than I expected about the cycles of the moon and the part they play in the lives of each and every one of us. The live interactive lessons really got me involved and gave me a chance to have all my questions answered, along with the meditation practices which allowed me to put it all into practice in a calm and centred way. And being able to download the lessons for later use was so helpful as I was able to listen and extract even more information.


Aleni's knowledge, expertise and passion were clearly evident in every lesson and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to take this course with this amazing teacher. I now feel confident to use the moon phases and cycles to build myself a beautiful life."

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