A 6 month program to help you establish your spiritual toolkit to expand, balance and uplift your daily life to connect with your souls mission for better relationships, better fulfilment and better self care.

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I see you

You are a creative, high performing and natural leader. You're tired, burnt out and overworked right now. You've been listening to your intuition your whole life and it's been good to you thus far. Now its calling you for more. You know it's time to trade that overwhelm from being overworked to feeling more aligned, balanced and intentional with your time, energy and spirit. You want to go from feeling numb to feeling alive again. You know there is more for you to do and be. You ain't done yet!

And that's where I come in, to support you in restoring the balance, connecting back to your purpose and making sure you enjoy the journey of your life!

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Ilan, Executive Director 

"Aleni is a unique, multi-faceted healer who is able to integrate and straddle the left-brain world of logic as well as the right-brain world of the intuitive. This makes her extremely relatable on many levels. She meets you where you are on your journey, whether you are exploring energy work or seeking deep psychological healing. 
Aleni's vast array of modalities are carefully adapted to suit the session and this is an important feature of her service to ensure flow on a week to week basis. She is very organised and always prepares the session with personalised touches demonstrating that she really cares. 
Many times I turn up to see Aleni not knowing what will unfold and inevitably I leave uncovering some buried treasure."

Candice, Speech Therapist

“Aleni is the most divine soul in every sense of the word and truly has a unique gift. Aleni has helped me reach my highest potential through her many talented modalities and holistic approach. 
She is beyond passionate about her spiritual teachings and guides you with such energetic grace, gentleness, compassion and warmth, helping you to achieve clarity, support and a sense of surrender. 
Sessions with Aleni is like being with your BFF - she just gets it, doesn’t judge and her heart simply sings. Every experience with Aleni is truly inspiring, illumination and uplifting. I value her talent and work so deeply and cannot recommend her more highly. Experiencing is believing -  Anyone wanting to get in touch with their real, perfect self should spend some quality time with Aleni. Love & Light"

What clients say...

Mindfulness Coaching 

Engage your soul and elevate your life!

This is a personalised program that takes you on journey to connect with your souls mission through spiritual rituals, mindset and astrology. 

Over the 6 months, you will be held in a sacred space to lean into your true essence and discover the magic inside you, so you can deepen your impact and fulfil your souls mission to live life on your own terms.

Imagine in 6 months time you can:

- Harness the energy of your mind, body, emotions and spirit to feel balanced and confident. 

- Use your intuition and can mitigate self doubt for better self trust, focus and decision making.

- Quieten your inner critic with mindfulness strategies.

- Connect with your spirit, heart and soul with grounded spiritual practices.

- Cultivate more inner calm, acceptance and confidence being who you came her to be.

- Release limiting beliefs and negative emotions keeping you stuck.

- Have an accountability partner that supports you and holds space for you. 

If you are ready to harness the full capabilities of your mind, body and spirit then I look forward to working with you as your Spiritual Change Manger and Coach!

“The best way to capture moments is to pay attention.
This is how we cultivate mindfulness."
Jon Kabat-Zinn