What was felt is now illuminated with the Full Moon

September 9, 2015


“What was mainly felt in the past is now seen.” 

Dane Rudhyar


As daylight dissolves and the light grows softer, the Full Moon provides another source for light to be anchored. The dark of night  has embodied the Sun’s lights. Our dreams and visions are magnified and exposed for all to see. Bottled up emotions begin to speak, and all that has been hidden or dormant is now ready to peak. Introvert or extravert, passion or aggression, caution or adventure, oppositions start to meet. A time to instigate release and surrender, and dealing with the manifestations of your past creations.


The Moon represents our emotional self, intuition, and how we fulfil our needs with each phase it has a unique yet rhythmic cycle. It begins with the New Moon phase of birthing and creation, focused on the inner world, self reflection, desires and intentions and  is known as the waxing phase. It progresses gently making it’s way to the Moon’s Full peak, and is the cross road from ascension to the descent into the waning phase. The Full Moon focus is beyond the self and brings attention to the outer world. It is both the beginning and the end, and the transition from intuition to consciousness, and subjectivity to objectivity.


The Full Moon is a magical time when all that has been culminated, has the greatest potential for your fulfilment. It is a time of celebration, as the seeds of your labour come into fruition, illuminated by the light. There is a sense of joy and wisdom to be shared for all that you have come to see and know.


Depending on your own natal lunar cycle, the energy of a Full Moon can be felt a few days before, during and a few days after. The energetic imprint will be heightened during times when the Full Moon embodies the same sign as your natal Sun sign or Moon sign. As the Full Moon embodies each of the 12 Zodiac Signs they will provide specific archetypes and will leave clues for what is being illuminated, highlighted and cultivated during this time. The Moon cycles provide you an emotional rhythmic pathway to evolve, express and stay in touch with your authentic truth.


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