Archetypes of the Zodiac quick reference guide

June 10, 2015


In Astrology the twelve Signs of the Zodiac provide us with characteristics and archetypes for how we do things as individuals and the energetic vibration that is offered to us in each of the Signs.


This is only a quick reference list to assist you in tailoring your Moon Rituals and gain some insight into the energetic vibrations. It does not provide a detailed understanding or description for each of the twelve Signs in the Zodiac.

  • Aries is about having courage, independence, self discovery, self focus and new beginnings.

  • Taurus is about connecting to mother earth and creating your own serenity, it is patience and sensual pleasure.

  • Gemini is about perception, learning, communication, logic and social interactions.

  • Cancer is about love, trust, safety, nurturing, intimacy and acceptance.

  • Leo is about the development of a healthy ego and personality, creativity, generosity, celebration and determination.

  • Virgo is about humility, order, work, and helpfulness.

  • Libra is about balance, negotiation, diplomacy, refinement, and partnership.

  • Scorpio is about making the unconscious conscious, change, self mastery, and empowerment.

  • Sagittarius is about a quest for living, seeker of truth, peace of mind, travel, freedom, adventure and faith.

  • Capricorn is about integrity and solitude, security, and responsibility.

  • Aquarius is about authenticity, humanitarian, visionary, and awakening.

  • Pisces is about being consciousness, imaginative, sensitivity, spiritual, compassionate and trust.

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