The power of Numbers and your Life Cycle

August 4, 2015




Numerology is the based on the energetic vibrations of numbers.


Exploring the energetic vibrations of your personal numbers, derived from you birth date and name, provides you with a deep understanding into your psyche and life purpose. Your personal numbers provide a blueprint of your life revealing your unique resources, talents and lessons. You can understand what your life is about and why you are here. As you gain clarity and self awareness you are empowered to make decisions and take control of the direction of your life experiences.


With each new universal year, the number vibration of the year reveals the transitioning energy that is being reflected on a global scale.  For example, the universal year, 2015, vibrates to the number 8 and highlights themes that reflect power and authority. The number 8, has the potential when used in it's highest vibration to empower others through a strong sense of authority, responsibility and clear focus. It is the master manager that unites groups to create solid foundations, reform and security which can sustain and support all life. In the shadow of this, the use of power can be unethical, manipulative and dis-empower.


On a personal level, the universal year is linked to your personal numbers reflecting another layer of self awareness into your authentic nature, change and transformation. It reveals the symbolic themes being activated for you personally during this time.


To gain a quick insight into your personal year cycle, you can work out your personal year number by adding each digit in your Birth Day + Birth Month + Universal Year and reducing it down to a single digit.


Example for Calculating your Personal Year Cycle: 

13 (day) + 12 (month) + 2015 (universal year) =  6 (personal year cycle)

13 (1+3=4) + 12 (1+2=3) + 2015 (2+1+5=8) = 15 (1+5=6) = 6


Now you can check out your personal year cycle theme below:


Personal Year 1

Developing new ideas, leadership and independence to invite new beginnings

Personal Year 2

Developing emotional balance and gracefulness to invite nurturing and intuition

Personal Year 3

Developing optimism and creative expression to invite inspiration and uplifting connections

Personal Year 4

Developing firm foundations and structure to invite payment and rewards

Personal Year 5

Developing adaptability, communication and pace to invite change and revival

Personal Year 6

Developing balance in service, love, honour and beauty to invite harmonic relationships

Personal Year 7

Developing your consciousness (study, observation, stepping back, strategy) to invite wisdom and trust

Personal Year 8

Developing your own authority to invite self empowerment

Personal Year 9

Developing your humanity and ability to surrender and let go to invite transcendence and transformation with unconditional love


Are you interested in understanding your life's path so you can master your purpose? 


Get in touch with Aleni for your personal Numerology Consultation


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