Self Loving this New Moon in Cancer

July 4, 2016


A New Moon is the unconscious birthing of new opportunities and beginnings. When we bring consciousness to this time we can work with the cosmic energy and dance together to nurture and nourish our emotional needs. 


4 July 2016 @9pm AEST


This New Moon is powerful as it is embraced by it’s ruling sign of Cancer which represents our inner call to feel emotionally safe, nurtured, protected, connected, and united with the familial. It embodies the essence that home is where our heart resides and our strong desire to fight in keeping it safe.

Understanding how you love and nurture yourself is primal to taking accountability for your life. Change is required for you to fulfil your primal needs, to feel joyful and happy. It impacts all aspects of your life, such as your relationships with others, how you perceive the world, how you engage and express yourself, and much more.


The Moon  fundamentally represents your emotional body, and in the sign of Cancer this is illuminated as it brings awareness into what we can do, to improve our SELF.  When we feel good, we can spread our light onto others. When we feel good, we can feel secure, confident and safe in our own skin. When we feel good, we can honestly express ourselves,  accept ourselves and the emotions that can arise in us without the need to pass blame or act out to fill up feeling a void.  When we develop inner harmony through self love, we can surrender fears and insecurities so we can experience loving relationships with our self and others too!


Plant your seed to increase SELF LOVE.


What does this look like in your life?  If you think about your behaviours, actions and attitudes are they in alignment with how you choose to love, nurture and nourish your primal needs? Ask yourself “Is this an act of self love?” if the answer is no, then maybe its time to create a change…



How do you Nourish Your Self?


Your eating habits and diet reflect how you take care of your fundamental needs, it is the fuel that keeps your body moving and the quality of what you feed yourself reflects the quality of your ability to function with vitality and feel good about yourself. 

  • Do you listen to your body when it gives you the symptoms that it is hungry or do you wait for a convenient time to eat instead?

  • Do you stop eating when you get the signal that your tummy is full? 

  • Do you feed your body food that it cannot digest and continue to force feed it anyway?

  • Are you listening to what your body is telling you or do you prefer to just ignore it?

Come home to you, return to that place within you that craves and needs you to be caring, protecting, loving, nurturing, nourishing, and trusting.

Self Loving can set you free!


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