Full Moon in Capricorn - Taking Charge!

July 18, 2016

20 July 2016 @8:56am AEST


“The Full Moon brings to light all that has been culminated in the dark of night. In the depth of the unconscious, what was once a seed is illuminated with the breath of life. An awakening is present, celebration and fulfilment ignites as you embody the divinity of your soul.” Aleni Matsas


The Full Moon in Capricorn brings to light that which requires self discipline, commitment, tradition, boundaries, responsibility and integrity. Capricorn is about taking charge of your life and being your own independent leader. It is about standing on your own two feet and taking the bull by the horns to lead your way forward.


Take charge of your life, and enlist your self discipline, commitment, accountability, structure, and resilience so you can be the prime Authority of your life.


This cycle illuminates your public image and provides you with feedback to help you attain your goals. An integral part of taking charge and being in control is understanding how you are contributing to how you are received in the world. Hence how you behave, act, speak, etc influences the perception and impact you make. During this phase you can experience moments of highs when you reap the rewards and gain recognition for your effort and hard work. Or it can bring you a deeper understanding into how you can better improve and refine yourself. Either way, you can recognise your contribution in the achievement of your goals.


Your desires and needs will be better met when you feel stable and grounded on your own two feet. Don’t let yourself get caught up with the old ways or traditions, instead embrace the necessary changes that will solidify your independence to meet your personal goals. Set new standards, get clear on your goals, and drive yourself forward with focus, commitment and maturity.


Affirmations for the Capricorn Spirit:

  • “I can not control others, but I can always be in control of myself”

  • “I am responsible for my behaviours, attitudes, and actions.”

  • “I am safe, secure and protected when I live in alignment with my integrity.”

  • “I am the Author of my life.”

Happy Full Moon!


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