Get your A Game back this New Moon in Virgo

September 1, 2016

1 September 2016 @7:03pm AEST


This New Moon in Virgo, is an opportunity to reset your intentions, recognise how far you have come and get your A game back on track. Virgo rules the element of earth and is a fixed sign that represents order, productivity, service, practicality and logic. Tap into this energy to gain momentum in achieving your health and wellbeing goals. Focus on being of service to your self, to nurture and nourish you mind, body, heart and soul.  


As this is also a Solar Eclipse, the energy is magnified during this phase hence what you begin now will impact the zest and vitality you feel in life moving forward.

Keep in mind that a New Moon marks the beginning of something to be birthed in your life. It can begin as an unconscious expression of yourself that comes into fruition at a later phase or is illuminated during a Full Moon. Being conscious and self aware, enables you to plant the seeds for you desires and be the conscious creator of your life!


Getting your A GAME BACK

We can all experience a sense of stress, overwhelm and chaos. We can get lost in the rat race of life's ongoing cycles. Now it is time to slow down and focus your attention back on your health, vitality and wellbeing. 

Take back the reigns of your power, focus and get Active rather than reactive.  


What is calling your attention right now? Pay attention and recognise that your body is speaking to you so you re-strategise what you need, want and desire. 


Create order through rituals and routines which serve you. Socialise while doing a group activities such as checking out a local meditation or yoga class, arrange a dinner party where everyone shares in the cooking and you learn some great tips from each other. Get more value from how you utilise your time and energy. 



Decide to feel good about yourself by taking care of yourself. Add more zing into your life by doing things which make you happy.


There are many forces making a play for attention during this New Moon which can further support you during this cycle…  


Mars square brings spontaneity, quick decisions and intolerance when it comes to waiting it out. Keep focused on the end game, save your reserves and work smarter to get what you want.  


Saturn square arises you sense of authority and management  to increase your  resilience so you can push through the limitations which have held you back in the past. It is also important to note that Saturn, the planet of time, control, boundaries and responsibility has spent the past six months in retrograde motion and went direct on the 14 August. It is now a period when you will be retracing your steps, gaining momentum and asserting yourself again. You are fine tuning and affirming your own structures and rules.


Pluto trine helps you transform and surrender some of the fears which have kept you stuck in old patterns so you can acknowledge that you are the master of your own power. 


North Node conjunct invites more loving kindness to your personal needs to support your health and wellbeing.  


Mercury retrograde highlights the need to slow down, reflect, review and take your time when making decisions, signing contracts, communicating and networking. It requires being mindful whilst going through the details and information that is presented during this time. Read the fine print before signing on the dotted line!


If you would like to explore your personal astrology road map, get in touch with Aleni.

© 2016 Aleni Matsas. All rights reserved.




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