Blast the Illusions of Limitation this Full Moon in Pisces and Lunar Eclipse

September 15, 2016


Full Moon in Pisces Cosmic Report


17 September 2016 @5:00am AEST


“The Full Moon brings to light all that has been culminated in the dark of night. In the depth of the unconscious, what was once a seed is illuminated with the breath of life. An awakening is present, celebration and fulfilment ignites as you embody the divinity of your soul.” Aleni Matsas


This Full Moon in Pisces awakens our Soul Consciousness, bringing to the surface all that has been residing internally in our subconscious, unconscious, and conscious self. It is all being loudly reflected, projected and mirrored in our external reality making it deeply sensitive time. The essence of Pisces brings forth our dreams, mysticism, imagination, intuition and healing abilities. For this to take full effect it requires conscious awareness and connection. If we don't like what we are experiencing, then we can do what we have always done - escape into the same patterns, use fillers to take away the pain - or we can change our own ways. Awareness comes first, then application with discernment is used to help break-through the limitations of our fears to heal any pain or suffering. We can't keep doing the same thing, and expect to get a different result. Its time to expand our consciousness and release the illusions which keep us fearful and stuck.


Blast the illusions of your limitations

  • Gaze deeply into your psyche and discover areas of your life which you are holding fear, pain and suffering that prevent you from moving forward and reaching your true potential. Recognise the symptoms, symbols and signs that appear before during this time. (Your behaviours, attitudes, patterns, programs, conditions, values, and beliefs can bring you clarity and perspective.)

  • Identify what you do to "escape" your pain and suffering - i.e. indulge in tv, exercise, food, staying busy, switching off, disconnecting, drugs, alcohol etc 

  • Gather your thoughts and emotions so you can ignite the fire in your heart, spend time in nature, be still for a moment, and enjoy getting creative to work with honouring your emotions and nurture yourself. 

  • Self Acceptance can aid you in developing trust, faith and hope to overcome obstacles, rally with loved ones and know you are strong enough to survive it all!

Planetary influences are:

Opposite Sun in Virgo - highlights the lack of boundaries that are present which are causing you to get burnt out. There is a strong focus on health and wellbeing making it important to ground yourself with routines and rituals that can be creative in serving your primal needs.


Square Mars in Sagittarius - brings the warrior spirit to assist with your energy levels so you can take action to move forward beyond limitations. 


Opposite Jupiter in Libra - brings the opportunity to see the possibility of creating peace and attaining more harmony in yourself and your relationships. Making decisions which release the limitations of self indulgent behaviours and having a victim mentality. 


Conjunct Chiron in Pisces - the wounded healer and teacher is holding your hand during this cycle for more self nurturing to heal your pain and suffering.  

Opposite Mercury retrograde in Virgo - brings a quietness to the chaos of the mind, as you go within and take the time to clear your thoughts so you can review the details and apply strategy, form and order.


The big picture of this Eclipse season is helping us to know thy self and expand our consciousness, then together we can all take better take care of our needs, desires, health, relationships, and security with more peace, love and joy.

You can be the change, get your A- Game on and Blast the Illusions of Limitation to transform and live into the updated and more conscious version of yourself.


As with each Full Moon we have the opportunity to RELEASE and MANIFEST. 

Happy Full Moon!


If you would like to explore your personal astrology road map, get in touch with Aleni.

© 2016 Aleni Matsas. All rights reserved



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