Keep UP with your SELF this Full Moon in Aries

October 14, 2016

Full Moon in Aries - 16 October 2016 AEDT @3:23pm

This Full Moon in Aries and the planetary aspects being made will ignite your energy, spark your spontaneity and push you to take action. Aries represents the SELF, the I AM of being. Libra represents the SELF AND OTHER, the BALANCE of relating and relationships. In this cycle the duality between the Sun in Libra and Moon in Aries opposition illuminates our emotional need to balance our internal scales. We can now restore, improve and create harmony between our need to be SELFISH and SELFLESS. 


"Keep up with yourself, and you will be Kept Up"  

by Yogi Bhajan in the teachings of Kundalini Yoga for the Aquarian Age.


A dominant aspect of this cycle is the need to change, as the planet Uranus is conjunct the Moon. Uranus is known as the planet of chaos and destruction, however it is the great awakener which can help you to redefine yourself and push forward in your life. As old structures dissolve, new possibilities arise. 



  • What are you willing to change or exchange in your life so you can move forward to reach your desires?

  • What loose ends are keeping you restless, stagnate or stuck that you can now shed?

  • What are you retaliating or fighting against? (to avoid pain instead of focusing on gaining pleasure)

  • What are the qualities you most admire in others? And are these qualities you behold or want to acquire? 


  • Get moving and participate in activities to release stagnate or negative energy.

  • Don't get caught up in the drama, keep calm and carry on. 

  • Celebrate yourself and see the beauty you behold.

  • Be a warrior for making love not war.

  • Assert yourself to harbour more harmonious relationships.

  • Accept yourself to be more open and accepting of others.

  • Spend your energy with like minded souls who inspire, liberate and motivate you.

  • Practice refinement, patience, and self control.


If you would like to explore your personal astrology road map, get in touch with Aleni.


© 2016 Aleni Matsas. All rights reserved



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