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New Moon Meditation & Guidebook

Get your FREE New Moon Guided Meditation and New Moon Intention Guidebook to support you manifest your intentions.


Manifest your Intentions with the practical magic of the New Moon...

Your New Moon Guided Meditation and Guidebook can support you to:

  • Set your intentions each month with the New Moon phase.

  • Tune into your intuition and soulful guidance.

  • Maintain your momentum for manifesting what you want.

  • Fall into the Cosmic universal ebb and flow of creation.

  • Relax your overthinking mind and renew your spirit.

  • Step into the feeling of having what you want.

  • Create space for listening to your soul, intuition and heart.

  • Re-ignite your dreams each month and track your progress.

  • Re-energise your mind, body and spirit.

Download your free meditation and guidebook, and start manifesting your dreams and desires today!

What others say...


Meditations with Aleni

For someone who has always struggled to meditate, I have found Aleni’s meditations effective tools to quiet my mind, focus on myself and my intentions, reflect and set powerful goals. You are a gift – thank you!


Cosmic Moon Reflections

My dearest and priceless Aleni, thank you very much for your newsletter and ongoing support during my spiritual trip on Earth. Love you!


Meditations with Aleni

Thank you Aleni, for teaching me how I can enter the realm of my imagination and benefits of meditation. Namaste xxx

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Receive your monthly energy updates on the Cosmos to seed your intentions with the upcoming New Moon and let go of excess baggage with upcoming Full Moon to manifest your desires.

Get the date, time, zodiac sign, element and theme for the upcoming New Moon and Full Moon.


Use the reflections to help you complete your journal prompts and align your intentions, focus and energy for the month ahead.

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Hey, I'm Aleni

Your Practical Astrologer, Yogini & Mindfulness Coach. 

Since 2014, I have guided hundreds of beautiful souls through workshops, classes and 1:1 coaching sharing Astrology, Mindfulness practices and Spiritual technologies for restoring balance mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually to unleash their unique potential and live life on their own terms.

It is my absolute pleasure to invite you to join me in this New Moon Meditation and New Moon Intentions guidebook, to support you in manifesting the life of your dreams!


Aleni xxx

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