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"Thank you for your guidance and reassurance and the amazing energy you share with those around you, it truly is a blessing."  Adriana - Program Manager

"Aleni is a unique, multi-faceted healer who is able to integrate and straddle the left-brain world of logic as well as the right-brain world of the intuitive. This makes her extremely relatable on many levels. She meets you where you are on your journey, whether you are exploring energy work or seeking deep psychological healing. 
Aleni's vast array of modalities are carefully adapted to suit the session and this is an important feature of her service to ensure flow on a week to week basis. She is very organised and always prepares the session with personalised touches demonstrating that she really cares. 
Many times I turn up to see Aleni not knowing what will unfold and inevitably I leave uncovering some buried treasure."
Ilan - Executive Director

Candi, Consultant

“Aleni - Thankyou for introducing me to the magical world of Astrology! Aleni’s teaching method is excellent and her ability to share such complex knowledge is inspiring and in a way that truly resonated with me.


The course was delivered so flawlessly and all the material was structured brilliantly. I loved the mix of spirituality and practicality. This course is truly illuminating and there were so many a-ha moments - I have gained such a greater insight and understanding into the essence of me as a soul and personality and how the moon enriches my life!


Moving forward, I now know what and how to nurture my emotions each month to take care of my needs, restore my inner calm, navigate my life and manifest my desires. It’s definitely going to be a lifelong interest of mine.


Deepest gratitude from my cosmic heart to yours!"

Helene, Project Manager

“WOW what an experience!


Aleni is incredibly intuitive and structures the Live by the Moon program material in a clear, pragmatic way so all participants can reap the rewards of her teaching gifts.


So many aha moments throughout this course! I now have a deeper understanding of myself, greater sense of awareness and am in a much better place to tune into my emotions and self to better navigate my life and manifest my dreams.


A beautiful experience for those wanting to really understand who they are and how to utilise their gifts for the next stages of their life journey. I’m still buzzing from the experience and my new found knowledge. Something I will continue to explore further.


Thank you for the life “level up”."

Anna, Creative Entrepreneur

In the last few years working with Aleni I have learned so much about what mindfulness means to me, personally, and how to lead a more present and intentional life.


The practical techniques and rituals that she shares have helped me to manage stress and anxiety in my everyday in a graceful and elegant way but also gave me the courage and confidence to pursue my dreams. Integrating all the different sides of you into a one whole woman is a lifetime journey but Aleni is always there cheering me along the way and nudging me gently.


I am leading my happiest life and she is a big contributor in making that happen for me.


From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Andrie, Scheduler

“I joined the Live by the Moon course as I have always been interested in doing new moon and full moon rituals and intentions but wasn't sure how to do them properly. 


Aleni's course was amazingly so much more in depth and taught me so much more than I expected about the cycles of the moon and the part they play in the lives of each and every one of us. The live interactive lessons really got me involved and gave me a chance to have all my questions answered right away, along with the meditation practices which allowed me to put it all into practice in a calm and centred way. And being able to download the lessons after for later use was so helpful as I was able to listen again and extract even more information.


Aleni's knowledge, expertise and passion were clearly evident in every lesson and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to take this course with this amazing teacher. I now feel confident to use the moon phases and cycles to build myself a beautiful life."

Katrina, Dance Teacher

"I met Aleni in 2015 for an Astrology consultation. The whole process was reassuring, insightful and helpful for the next few years of my life. I was astounded by the specific references about how I negotiate life and deal with situations. I have found myself going back to reflect on my notes many times, to check in with how I view and see things. It has really helped me in my professsional career and I have found myself connecting it with the Myers Briggs report to get reflect on many things.  I have connected with Aleni for my astrology update and it was so nice to touch base with her again. Her intuition, kind and caring nature and absolute expertise in her field is something that is hard to find. I recommend her guidance to anyone at any point in their life, not just in times of struggle or need." 

Adriana, Sagittarius - Mindfulness Coaching

"Thank you for your guidance and reassurance and the amazing energy you share with those around you, it truly is a blessing."  

Candice, Speech Therapist

“Aleni is the most divine soul in every sense of the word and truly has a unique gift. Aleni has helped me reach my highest potential through her many talented modalities and holistic approach.


She is beyond passionate about her spiritual teachings and guides you with such energetic grace, gentleness, compassion and warmth, helping you to achieve clarity, support and a sense of surrender. 


A session with Aleni is like being with your BFF - she just gets it, doesn’t judge and her heart simply sings. Every experience with Aleni is truly inspiring, illumination and uplifting. I value her talent and work so deeply and cannot recommend her more highly.


Experiencing is believing -  Anyone wanting to get in touch with their real, perfect self should spend some quality time with Aleni.

Love & Light"

Aleni embodies true spirit, warmth and peace; she uses these qualities along with her intuition to guide you on a journey of self discovery. Her Energetic Healing sessions allow you to delve into any areas of your life you wish to restore, and allow your inner ability to heal. I couldn't recommend Aleni enough, she is a divine spiritual teacher.

Marisa, Marketing Executive

My Numerology Consultation with Aleni was extremely insightful and detailed. I found Aleni to be intuitive, accurate and honest when describing various attributes of my personality and character. Through this reading I was able to gain valuable insight into certain areas on my life and pin point unconscious patterns that I've created that do not positively serve me. Aleni was able to guide me using practical, clear strategies to not only recognise these patterns but help break them. Aleni's gentle, warm and loving nature provided a calm and safe environment leaving me feeling relaxed and empowered to positively move forward in my life path. I have definitely learnt a lot about myself on a much deeper level and would highly recommend Aleni to anyone seeking holistic guidance. Thank you Aleni!

Helene, Child Care Centre Director

Thank you dear Aleni for the deeply profound soul Astrology journey you danced me through yesterday. It was evolutionary! With infinite gratitude love and blessings to you precious one.
Lorna, Life Coach and Teacher

I've had my initial Astrology Consultation with Aleni at the end of 2013 and my yearly update at the end of 2014. It was a very deep discovery journey within and an amazing spiritual experience. I felt completely safe and very supported. Professional yet heartfelt delivery of the report was offered to me in a very authentic "Aleni" style. I simply loved the session and have found it very beneficial for all aspects of my life.

- Irina, Spiritual Teacher

Aleni's personal energy, caring nature and attention to detail during Reiki is exquisite and I feel very confident in her abilities as a healer. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone wishing to increase personal energy, expand their sense of spirituality and, most importantly to get the full and wonderful benefit of Reiki.

Rosa, Training Consultant

Aleni's Astrology consultations are soul centred... they are also heart centered... Aleni reads the chart and the individual as one. Aleni uses all information that is appropriate to where one is going in the present time, with information from the past to help one break through barriers that have kept one stuck in pattens... it is illuminating and refreshing to have a reading with one such as Aleni, she is a talent and I recommend Aleni to anyone for an indepth, soul and heart centred reading.

Annie, Palliative Nurse

Aleni always offers her wisdoms so gracefully and subtly.  It is most beautiful being in her presence, you feel nurtured, inspired and also somehow more confident to take your own steps forward, allowing your individual journey to be your personal teacher.  She reminds me of a Greek Goddess, full of mystery and strength, so radiant yet very personable.  
Following my most recent Energetic Healing session with Aleni, I recall feeling so alive and so vibrantly real that everything felt beautiful and magical to me and I knew the reason for my existence. If I can achieve anything in this lifetime, it is to live in this exact experience daily, so thank you Aleni for showing me how to touch it and reminding me that it is possible!! Lots of love to you beautiful angel.
Nina, Energetic Healer

I find Reiki very rewarding with Aleni. It makes me feel at ease throughout my sessions, especially when I feel stressed and overwhelmed. By the end of the healing session I am thinking much clearer and feeling lighter.

Marianne, Carer

I used to think the benefit of meditation was inner peace. Through Aleni Matsas - Meditation Classes 101, I learnt that there were so many more benefits. And the different types of meditations, evoked different emotions for me, including self-awareness, self-love, calm, clarity of mind, happiness, and more. I had no idea there were so many different ways to meditate - even while drawing or eating! I always left the class with a lasting feeling of happiness and a sense of calm, ready to face our busy world again. Thank you Aleni, for teaching me the various practises and benefits of meditation. Namaste xxx


Maria, Freight Consultant

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