Next Event Dates:
17 to 21 2022


Imagine in 5 days you have:

  • Developed new skills for effectively communicating to form relationships that make an impact and difference. 

  • Learn how you can blow out old patterns for more productivity, focus and confidence, while helping your clients to do the same.

  • Take control over your destiny and fulfil your potential with an empowered mindset.

  • Get congruency between your goal setter and goal getter to get the results you want and desire.

  • Have a a step by step Coaching framework to get predictable results for your clients. 

  • Join a community of like minded humans where you can share, feel included and be supported. 

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NLP Practitioner Certification Training 

Certified Practitioner of NLP
Certified Coach of NLP
Certified Practitioner of Time Line Therapy™


5 Powerful Days of Transformation

Next Event Dates:
17 to 21 AUGUST 2022



White Feather

Peter Koukoulas,  

Author of Mortgage Mastery

Well!!! I had no idea what I was getting myself into at first, however, I needed a change. I decided to complete the 5 day seminar with Chris Lianos and “WOW” it was mind blowing!!!


This has been a life changer but also a game changer. I am so grateful to have connected with Chris Lianos. If you are not sure, I would highly recommend taking the leap of faith. You won’t regret it.

Chris thank you! I am now ready to TAKE ON THE WORLD!!!

White Feather

Talia Kaufana

I cannot recommend this course enough. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing with your life now, or what you want in your life, this course will help you.


If you want to get to the next level in life, if you want more…then you cannot miss this.


So get uncomfortable and forget what you think you know and just do it.

White Feather

Greg Mattes

Chris, the course was really mind blowing! Not only was it metaphysical and out there, it was super practical! It really exceeded all my expectations.


I am walking out the Wizard Arises very different – in a good way. I don’t think any other course has done this. You gave it everything you had and I thank you for that!


I can’t wait to start this next course with you and to begin with the new me, today!


Chris Lianos, is a professional NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Trainer, Mindset Coach and Author of Finding Zero, with over twenty years professional experience in personal development.


He facilitates the Wizard NLP Training events and is dedicated to helping you, to stop procrastinating, so you can get motivated to take action towards the results you want and transform your life.


Chris teaches you the tools and processes, which are being used today by many of our leaders, to help you create new possibilities, set clear intentions and actionable tools to reach your desired goals and get what you truly want.


His practical and personal approach, transfers the teachings to you in an effortless and easy to apply way so you can get the results you want.