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Connect with your Astrology Blueprint for clarity, growth and soul-led purpose.

Attract your dream relationships, career and life using your Astrology birth-chart as your map. 

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You've got Questions.
I help you get Answers. 

Empowering you to reach greater fulfilment in your life by confidently being authentic, happy and you!

Date of birth, location of birth and accurate birth time required are required for accurate Astrology chart.


Your Sun represents your core essence and the qualities that make you who you are, while your Moon sign indicates your emotional needs and how you process and express your feelings. And your Ascendant (rising sign) reveals how you approach life, your personal style and how you present yourself to the world and how others perceive you.


By understanding the interplay of these three key elements that are found in your astrology birth-chart, you can gain insights to unlock your confidence as you work with your strengths, overcome weaknesses and connect with your deep-seated desires and motivations.


Empowering you to make more informed decisions, better navigate life's challenges, and tap into your full potential, ultimately leading to greater fulfilment and a more authentic sense of self. 

Bare Trees in Fog
Aleni has wisdom, a big heart and lots of courage when it comes to guiding people to achieve their goals in life and her sessions have definitely helped me feel supported and guided towards a more authentic life."

Dimitrios Papalexis, Founder and Director of SoulGen 

Aleni Matsas - Astrologer & Soul Coach

As Above, So Below

I believe that your Astrology blueprint provides you with a map to navigate the terrains of your life in a way that feels validating, freeing and fulfilling without the self doubt. It's a tried and tested way for rapid transformation from within as you unlock your gifts, align with your purpose and trust yourself to take aligned actions.

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