A Three-Part Astrology Intensive to navigate the seasons of your life with confidence.

Become energetically aligned with your potential, creativity and purpose. 

What my clients say...

“Aleni - Thankyou for introducing me to the magical world of Astrology! Aleni’s teaching method is excellent and her ability to share such complex knowledge is inspiring and in a way that truly resonated with me.


The course was delivered so flawlessly and all the material was structured brilliantly. I loved the mix of spirituality and practicality. This course is truly illuminating and there were so many a-ha moments - I have gained such a greater insight and understanding into the essence of me as a soul and personality and how the moon enriches my life!


Moving forward, I now know what and how to nurture my emotions each month to take care of my needs, restore my inner calm, navigate my life and manifest my desires. It’s definitely going to be a lifelong interest of mine.


Deepest gratitude from my cosmic heart to yours!"

Candice, Speech Therapist & Consultant 

"There are certain people you meet in life that you can feel there is something special and healing about their presence. These people have usually gone through a life-changing challenge, an experience that changed the course of their life and led them to do what they are meant to do in this world: be the healers, the lovers, the teachers, the role models.


Aleni is definitely one of these people! Since, I interviewed her for my radio program in the past and later worked with her for intuitive coaching and astrology sessions, I felt that she has that special energy. 


Aleni has wisdom, a big heart and lots of courage when it comes to guiding people to achieve their goals in life and her sessions have definitely helped me feel supported and guided towards a more authentic life. 


If you are looking for some guidance and support in your life, I totally recommend Aleni' sessions and work!"


Dimitrios, Consultant 


What does Decoding your Astrology Birth-chart look like?

Session 1 - Purpose & Potential

Explore your Astrology birth chart to discover the best ways for you to shine your creativity, light and magic in an authentic, confident and nurturing way that is tailored just for you. 

Session 2 - Alignment & Boundaries

Align your values and build boundaries that support you in directing your time, energy and focus to create harmonious relationships, manage your mindset and empower yourself. 


Session 3 - Intention & Manifesting

Review the current Cosmic themes and how you can use the energy to support the current season of your life so that you can experience more abundance, growth and opportunity. Create a plan and take action to achieve your goals with ease.

Date of birth, location of birth and accurate birth time required are required for accurate consultations. 

Your Decode Your Astrology Birthchart Includes:

Astrology Birth Chart PDF

Astrology Workbook

Recording of all sessions

Book Decode Your
Astrology Birthchart



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