A three-session personalised program to Decode Your Astrological Blueprint, Manifest on Purpose and Lead with Intention

"There are certain people you meet in life that you can feel there is something special and healing about their presence. These people have usually gone through a life-changing challenge, an experience that changed the course of their life and led them to do what they are meant to do in this world: be the healers, the lovers, the teachers, the role models.


Aleni is definitely one of these people! Since, I interviewed her for my radio program in the past and later worked with her for intuitive coaching and astrology sessions, I felt that she has that special energy. 


Aleni has wisdom, a big heart and lots of courage when it comes to guiding people to achieve their goals in life and her sessions have definitely helped me feel supported and guided towards a more authentic life. 


If you are looking for some guidance and support in your life, I totally recommend Aleni' sessions and work!"


Dimitrios, Sydney 

Client Love

Your Complete Astrology 
Roadmap for 2022

Imagine that...

  • You understood the upcoming themes in your life and how to navigate them with self trust, confidence and ease. 

  • You found your own ebb and flow to negotiate and manifest without the hustle (including working with the retrograde planets).

  • You gave yourself the space to rest, retreat and recharge your energy to avoid excess stress, burnout and overwhelm. 

  • You discovered new possibilities to work through your blocks, limitations and obstacles. 

  • You gave yourself permission to choose brave instead of perfection, to expand, grow and learn to a more empowered version of you. ​​

  • You built stronger boundaries around your work / life balance, so you could enjoy more time doing what you love. 

  • You took advantage of all the opportunities available to you through your unique gifts, talents and resources. 


Your Complete Astrology Roadmap for 2022

In this program I want to help you plan, prepare and take advantage of the opportunities available for you! 


It’s a three-session 1:1 personalised Cosmic Coaching Program using my signature framework to Decode Your Astrological Blueprint, Manifest on Purpose and Lead with Intention.

Your will receive

Astrology Roadmap Workbook

Astrology Birth Chart & Guide PDF

Recording of all sessions

Here’s what each session is about:

Session 1 - Decode your Astrology Blueprint

Discover your personal blueprint to unlock your unique gifts, resources and nature. Gain the insights to support you in stepping into the light of your Sun, the heart of your Moon and uncover the veil of your Ascendant to fulfil your soul’s mission. 


Session 2 - Manifest on Purpose

Create a Life Vision for 2022, linking your intentions with the monthly lunar energy. Align your values and build boundaries that support you in generating energy, feeling positive emotions, and living from an empowered mindset, to be a vibrational match for your vision.


Session 3 - Lead with Intention

Expose the major planetary influences and retrogrades to reveal  how you can produce cycles of abundance, growth and opportunity. Plan, prepare and take action to achieve your goals with ease.

Date of birth, location of birth and accurate birth time required are required for accurate consultations. 

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Client Love


Aleni helped me to understand some of the deep seated issues I was experiencing in my relationships. Through our work together, I felt a deep change in how I showed up and could feel a deep acceptance for myself and of my partner. Game changer! Thank you Aleni. 


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Astrology Roadmap for 2022



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