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Love. Life. Live.

Soul Guidance that empowers you to live a meaningful, happy and purposeful life. 

How you can work with me

I created this space to offer soul-led humans seeking spiritual connection that is transformational from within so that you can bring more meaning, purpose and happiness into your daily life. Working with your energy for emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Healing Stones
"Aleni always offers her wisdoms so gracefully and subtly. It is most beautiful being in her presence, you feel nurtured, inspired and also somehow more confident to take your own steps forward, allowing your individual journey to be your personal teacher."

Nina - Healer & Mumma


Hey there, I'm Aleni - your Cosmic and Soul Guide cheering you on.

With over a decade of experience having worked with over a thousand amazing soul-led humans, I'm here to support your transformation.


As an NLP Coach, Astrologer, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master, and Energy Healer, I provide you with soul, connection and guidance to fulfil your true calling and potential.

Think of me as your biggest advocate and oracle that helps you through the obstacles, stresses and changes faced in daily life. I understand how to use the wisdom of astrology to empower you and merge this with supporting practices to reset your mindset, find emotional balance and deepen your spiritual connection with confidence.

Whether you want to align your soul’s purpose or reclaim your happiness, I’m here to help you step into your highest self.


Get ready for a journey filled with soulful, grounded, and honest conversations for your expansion, happiness and purpose. Embrace your worth, master your mindset, and unlock your highest vision for your life, relationships, and health.


I’m here to support you every step of the way. Welcome to where your transformation begins.

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