Aleni Matsas Astrologer, Kundalini Yoga & Mindfulness Coach

Cosmic Coach

Holding space for you to connect with your Souls Mission 

Hey there, I'm Aleni,

Cosmic Coach 

I hold space for creative heart centred leaders who are overworked, disconnected and struggle with balancing self care to connect with their souls mission through rituals, mindset and Astrology. 

I'm an intuitive Pisces Sun sign with a reflective Aquarian Moon who merges spiritual wisdom with practical steps to help you lead a more fulfilling, meaningful and intentional life. 

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Claim your soulful purpose and live into your unique potential!

1:1 Mindfulness Coaching Program


Be seen, heard and guided to achieve your dreams and fulfil your potential!


Experience a Lunar Month of practical magic as you align with the ebb and flow of the Moon with Aleni. 

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1:1 with Aleni

Aleni embodies true spirit, warmth and peace; she uses these qualities along with her intuition to guide you on a journey of self discovery. Her sessions allow you to delve into any areas of your life you wish to restore, and allow your inner ability to heal. I couldn't recommend Aleni enough, she is a divine spiritual teacher.


1:1 with Aleni

Aleni always offers her wisdoms so gracefully and subtly. It is most beautiful being in her presence, you feel nurtured, inspired and also somehow more confident to take your own steps forward, allowing your individual journey to be your personal teacher.

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